Applying Condition Audit Logs

As an administrator, you can choose to enable the condition audit log functionality in Civic Platform. You can also grant yourself and agency users permission to access the condition audit log.

Viewing and Filtering Condition Audit Logs

Administrators with access to the audit log can review condition the audit log from the condition list portlet and condition detail portlet. See Figure 1.

For instructions on how to access the audit log, see “Viewing Condition Audit Logs” in the Accela Civic Platform User Guide.

Figure: Condition Audit Logs in Condition List and Detail Portlet

To view or filter the condition audit logs

  1. Access the Conditions Maintenance portlet (Accessing the Conditions Maintenance Portlet).

  2. Click any of the Condition By categories in the navigation tree. For example, click the Condition By Group category.

    Civic Platform displays the conditions in the condition list portlet.

  3. Complete one of these options:

    • To view audit logs for multiple conditions, click View Log at the top of the condition list portlet.

    • To view audit logs for one condition, click the desired condition from the condition list and then click View Log at the top of the condition detail portlet.

      Civic Platform displays the Audit Log for the condition.

  4. To narrow down the audit log results, enter one or more filter criteria from the filter criteria fields. See Table 1.

  5. Click Filter.

    Table 1. Log Detail Filters and Options
    Audit Subtype Sub types of the Condition audit type. The audit subtypes include Condition Template Form, Condition Template Table, and Record Condition.
    Audit Type The audit type is Standard Condition.
    Condition Group The condition groups for any one of the conditions.
    Condition Name The name of the condition an administrator created or modified.
    Condition Type The condition types for any one of the conditions.
    Entity ID The identification number of a condition.
    Field The field which had its value modified by an administrator.
    Log Action The action completed, such as Delete. You cannot remove this detail from the log.
    Log Time The date and time of the activity. For example, the date and time an administrator updated a condition. You cannot remove this detail from the log.
    Operator The user who competed the action. Here it is the Accela administrator.
    Product The product an administrator was using when they made the modification listed in the log.
    Relationship Displays the source objects associated with the modified field. For example, for a condition template field, it displays Condition Group, Condition Type, Condition Template Subgroup, and Condition Name.
    Value The value of the modified field upon completion of the action.