Adding or Editing Inspection Type Security

You can establish three security levels for inspection types. Full access lets users add, modify, and delete inspections; Read-only access lets users only view inspections; and None lets users neither view nor change inspections.

Civic Platform uses the security settings for an inspection group or an inspection type if they are different from the agency inspection settings. If you assign security settings for both an inspection group and a security type within that group, the security settings for the inspection type take effect.

Note that Civic Platform assigns access to an inspection based on the specific inspection security settings. For example, if an inspection is read-only to a user or user group, then those users cannot modify, delete, or copy checklists assigned to the inspection.

The inspection type security defined in Civic Platform also takes effect in Mobile Office. For example, if you set an inspection type to No Access for a user group in Civic Platform, users of that group cannot view the details about the inspections of that inspection type in Mobile Office. The inspection type is not available in any Inspection Type drop-down list either.

You can configure inspection type security in the Inspection Type Security portlet (Navigating to the Setup Portlet). For information on how to assign recipients to an inspection type, see Managing Recipients in Administration Portlets.